King's League II

A Story of Champions

A pivotal point in Kurestal's history, it details the events of the fourth King's League. It follows the accounts of three different Team Leaders: Maxwell the impatient warrior, Sella the musical archer, and Ivo the hesitant magician. They fought through the Leagues, becoming Champions against a rising evil threat.

Kurestal's Heroes

Protecting the Kingdom

The King's League is Kurestal's answer against potential issues. Through it, they can find their strongest Champions to protect them in times of need. In fact, the first King's League was announced to find a successor for the King. Four King's Leagues have since commenced, sometimes to recruit Kurestal Knights and other times to defeat evil threats.

A Dark Threat

The Need for Heroes

We know little about the exact nature of the Infernal. They may be the product of an ancient Dark God chained underground, but even that is speculative. Regardless, they are a danger we could not ignore, marking the great significance of the King's League. Without its Champions, the Infernal threat would spread across the world like wildfire.



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