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  1. royaldio says:

    nice games… 😉

  2. pogie4 (Septone) says:

    I just beat the sequel of The King’s League; Odyssey but when I click Submit Score it goes to The King’s League. the first game. I want to submit my score :3

  3. FuzzBeez says:

    Can you please add more story in the new The King’s League game? It has been very short. You should add more classes and add more unique characters.

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hi there, have you tried the Premium Content? There are new classes/unique characters there 🙂 We’re also working on another version of the game with those extras – I can’t say too much about it right now, but we’ll be updating on our social media networks, so do keep an eye out for it!

  4. FuzzBeez says:

    I can’t buy the premium but thank you for the information. Thanks for replying and adding cool features for the future games.And i hope it would be a success for you guys and good luck! 😀

  5. FuzzBeez says:

    And if you can it would be awesome if you added a animation at the begging it would be very awesome!

  6. FuzzBeez says:

    I meant beginning not begging 😛

  7. Umm, just out of curiosity (I hate cats, don’t bother).
    Whadaya mean based in Malaysia? 😛

  8. Yuri says:

    Hello from “far far away” country by the name of Belarus (I wonder if you’ll find it on the maps without any help). I really liked your games, especially art-design, and I have a question. If it’s not a secret, on which hardware or game engine did you produce The King’s League: Odyssey?

    P.S. Sorry if my english little messy.

  9. aegis223 says:

    love this game,especially the battle and class upgrade system.oh,yeah i want to ask a few question how to make game like the king’s league:odyssey and what program did you use to create it.also how to draw like that.seriously,the graphic use so brilliant. i think it’s cooler if there’s paladin,death knight or something like that.and it will be cooler if you can unlock a class by making friend with a special faction like:making friend with shadow corp can unlock ninja or phantom or shadow class,something like that.
    and i think the king’s league is the best game that will make kingdom rush lose 9-4 even if kingdom rush make a sequel.

  10. jbbill says:

    best games but can we download the premium version online and have it downloaded for tklo but one thing check again and again on the sites with comments about the kings league odysseys they have some serious idea just check on or

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, we do read the feedback we receive 🙂
      If you’re looking to have the game on a device, there are mobile versions available for iOS, Android, Windows and on Amazon. The browser version does not have the content the mobile versions do.

  11. jack says:

    The link for the android version of the game is dead. Cant access it on computer browser nor directly through the playstore

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hi, the Android version was only released yesterday (May 1st) due to some complications while uploading. You can access it now 🙂

  12. Demo_Tape says:

    You guys have some awesome skills and very good ideas so far! I loved Kings League and Diggonaut! You have only my respect and admiration.

    Here is to my hope of becoming as good as you in game developping!

  13. Farmer says:

    Are you guys still doing beta testers for your new IOS game?

  14. jbbill says:

    Love the kings league and the kings league odyssey my only regret is that all my progress got erased on kongregate .com :/ still always an awesome game i hope you make a kings league odyssey continuation for computer especially.Though for kongregate is also good.I wish premium content could be gained for free but only if we did very very hard challenges and sort.

  15. Lee says:

    We are a Chinese game development and operation company, focusing on web game and mobile game. We are very interested in your company’s product “The King’s League: Odyssey” . There are lots of game players in China, who like this game very much. However, because of language barrier and lack of tutorials, they can not completely enjoy playing this game.

    As we have very much experience in distributing and operating web/mobile games in Chinese market, we hope we can cooperate to promote this game into the vast Chinese market. We are very confident that this game will be very successful, if your company authorizes us to distribute it and we try our best on distribution, localization, optimization and training. I think this is a win-win deal. If your company is interested in our proposal, please contact us and we can talk in depth on it.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon, thanks.

  16. tham says:

    Will Tiny Guardians have a sequel?

  17. Hello my name is Shane, today I bought the paladin and the dancer for my enjoyment. Unfortunately when I closed the game and opened it again it said I needed to buy them again. I hope you can get back to me ASAP because I have a fear of flying and I have a flight this evening so I bought this game to keep my mind off of it. Please get back to me with what I should do. Thank you

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, I remember replying to another post you posted, that you can use the Refresh Purchase button in the tavern 🙂 It’s a circular button with 2 arrows in it. That should fix the problem!

  18. Michael Liong says:

    nice game.. Please make tiny guardians connect to facebook… so we can safe our file’s and can play with two handphone or if we lost our handphone we can play it with another handphone.. Please Make update about this.. And new character and level.. Hehehe… Always be the best.. K?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, you can transfer your saved file through the iOS Cloud or Google Saved Games, there is no need to connect to Facebook for it.

  19. Maximilian says:

    So any updates on the new Kings League game?
    It’s been quite some time since the kickstarter and there haven’t been any updates on it (as far as I know at least).

    Any details to share like a release date? Really looking forward to it

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Do follow The King’s League page on Facebook 🙂 Something is in the works, we will announce it when we’re ready!

  20. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for Postknight, I just finished it and it was really enjoyable.

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