Kurechii In 2015

Kurechii In 2015

As we once again reflect upon the year, the team counts our blessings in the form of games, projects, events and achievements. Read on for a nutshell of Kurechii’s 2015 happenings!

Tiny Guardians—which we have been working on for 2 years—was finally released in April on both iOS and Android!


Following its release, Tiny Guardians had various accomplishments that the team are proud and grateful for:


Within its release week, Tiny Guardians was featured in the App Store’s Best New Games section, and the Best of April 2015 section after. It has also been included in the App Store’s 15 Cutest Games Collection, and the Made In Malaysia Collection done in conjunction with Malaysia Day.


It was also later featured on the Google Play store, where Kurechii is now labelled as a Top Developer! The label itself has no effects on our games—however, it will serve as a reminder and promise that our games will always be of the best quality and experience Kurechii can offer.

Kurechii as Google Play Top Developer

Kurechii as Google Play Top Developer


At Casual Connect Asia in May, Tiny Guardians won the Best Game In Show Audience Choice award at the Indie Prize Awards!

Tiny Guardians was also included as Taiwan’s Top 50 Google Play Games in 2015.

Reaching Out

It has also be included in Humble Mobile Bundle for Android in September, and was submitted to Steam Greenlight—reaching out to more players. In less than 2 weeks, it was Greenlit! The team is thankful and excited to be preparing the game for desktop players.



This year, we made an effort to attend more events as well, attending at Visual Arts Expo in August. It was great reaching out and connecting to local players! At VAX, we sold our first merchandises as well—lovely handcrafted goods from a collaboration with local crafters Oh&Ah!


Following this collaboration, we also worked with some artists on gorgeous artwork for Tiny Guardians!


You can view the full album of illustrations over here.

We will be bringing these merchandises to events we will attend in the future as well, so do look out for them if you would like some!

2015 also marked our first experience in crowdfunding. MYSO Plays For King’s League was a collaborative effort between us, MYSO Atlanta and Francesco D’Andrea. The objective was to grant the youths of MYSO a recording opportunity to perform the scores composed by Francesco for King’s League, and later be implemented into the next King’s League game.

The team is very thankful to reach our goal 8 hours before the campaign ended, and would like to thank our backers and everyone who has supported us through the campaign run!

Click the image to see the enlarged version.

Last But Not Least

As 2015 comes to a close — we will be taking a short break to enjoy the festivities and then preparing to have Tiny Guardians ready on Steam!

A new game called Postknight is also in the works, you may be able to catch a glimpse at it at our upcoming events—please do come by and try it out if you do!

The team will also be working to send out the rewards for our Kickstarter campaign, we can’t wait to hear and implement the music from MYSO Atlanta!

There were many happenings in 2015, and we’re glad that there are so many to learn from, to be proud of and to cherish.

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