Tiny Guardians – The Journey Starts Now

Pick up your cloaks and embark on an epic journey with Lunalie!

After long months of development, Kurechii is excited to present Tiny Guardians to you!

Summon unique guardians to defend Lunalie against various enemies as she journeys through Prism in search of her missing aunt, the Sorceress.


Beware of wild beasts, eerie creatures, molten enemies and mysterious circus folk along your journey. With each unlocked class and enemy, expand your collection of dazzling cards! Various updates and unit classes allow for diverse strategies, allowing a different experience on every try.

Highlights of the game have been listed below for a quick overview:
• TD without towers, a refreshing take on this strategy genre.
• 12 guardian classes (with 4 upgradable levels each) are available.
• Over 40 diverse enemy types, come up with different strategies to defeat them.
• Exciting and unique boss fights and special events in certain levels.
• Each level has a Story and Challenge Mode, each with three difficulties.
• Achievements are integrated with the Game Center to store all your accomplishments.
• Gorgeously illustrated cards to summon guardians. Collect them all!
• All the above allow for plenty of strategies!




Download Tiny Guardians:


Tiny Guardians Official Site: http://tinyguardians.com/

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