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Wondering about certain aspects of Tiny Guardians? Don’t worry, we have you covered in this guide!
(In case we didn’t cover something you want to know about, just ask us in the comments.)


  • Classes
  • Star System
  • Upgrades
  • Boss Fights
  • Quests
  • In-App Purchases
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Lunalie (Summoner)
Protect Lunalie until she reaches the end of the road. Her summoning circle can be upgraded when its current slots are filled (maximum number of slots depends on the level).



Knights are simple and sturdy, you will feel safer with one leading the party.

Basic and affordable tankers that help defend other members of your questing party.


Archers swiftly deal with enemies from a distance.

When upgraded, Archers have Burst Shot that help deal quick damage to your enemies.


Magicians can slow enemies with their attacks, buying others some more time.

Her frost attacks are great for crowd control.


Rogues are all-rounders: they have decent melee and ranged attacks, along with useful trinkets.

The rogue moves quickly, handy for picking out specific units that might be targeting Lunalie.


Berserkers are hot-headed warriors. Thankfully, their high damage makes up for it.

To make up for the lack of defence (when compared to other tankers), Berserkers have some nifty splash damage to deal with large numbers of enemies.


Hunters have a keen eye for disguised enemies, and set up efficient traps.

Not fond of not being able to attack a Wild Treant, or Phantom Niars going into stealth mode? Hunters are your solution.


Clerics are healers who play an important part in keeping the party alive.

A healer to keep your party in tip-top health condition! The higher a Cleric’s level, the more units she heal in one go.


Assassins dive into battle in a flash, and are done before you can say “ninja”.

Deadly killers that weave quickly through battles. Doesn’t have much health, but deals high damage to her victims.


Paladins call upon divine powers to heal and sustain themselves in battle.

When upgraded, Paladins can heal themselves – making them self-sustaining warriors who make a solid front line for any party.


Sentinels have a huge attacking range and will never miss their targets.

Range is the name of the game for Sentinels. Their high accuracy also ensures that they will never, ever miss their targets.


Wizards are efficient in dealing with huge crows – with fire.

These tiny magic-wielders dish out a lot of fire damage, but are extremely fragile.


Dancers are great supports. Their charm strengthens and motivates allies.

Alluring dancers helps boost your party’s strengths and defenses. They’re not ones to shine alone, but are great team players.

Star Points / Star System


4 stars can be earned from every level: 3 from Story Mode, and 1 from Challenge Mode.

How do I earn Star Points?
Star points are earned:
– When you defeat enemies. Different enemies give different amounts of points.
– When enemy waves are triggered earlier – the earlier you trigger the waves, the more points you get!


Why are my Star Points reduced?
When Lunalie receives damage, your earned star points will decrease slightly.


Upgrades are available for the four class categories (Warrior, Ranged, Magic and Stealth) and Lunalie’s active skills (Regen, Starfall and Trap).
Active skill upgrades will only be available after the level Fractured Forest is completed.

Stars can be reset to try new upgrade branches for new strategies.

Boss Fights

As of now, there are a total of four bosses in the game:

If you don’t like scorpions, you definitely won’t like this one. The Stinger has powerful strikes, but takes some time to charge them up.

Level encountered: Overgrowth


thumb_bosses_eldertrollElder Troll
Leader of the trolls. Backed by the loyal trolls and his Tuffler, he wields fire and mysterious totems. Beware of his charge that wl

Level encountered: Overpass


thumb_bosses_novakGeneral Novak
One of the five Morguk Generals. Novak is the General of the North and commander of the fighters. Novak has a fearsome spinning attack, but becomes dizzy after using it.

Level encountered: Helix Outpost


The ringmaster of Marsh Mawlo – adept at illusions and space magic. Beware his bats, clones and the deadly Blackhole.

Level encountered: Marsh Mawlo


Quests can be found in the Tavern. Completing them will grant you coins that can be used to purchase new cards.

Some quests state that you need a certain amount of stars done with a certain difficulty.
As long as that specific level is completed, with matching star-count and difficulty or higher, you will be able to claim that quest.

In-App Purchases

If you’re wondering what the In-App Purchases in Tiny Guardians are, you’ve come to the right place!

There are a total of 8 purchasable cards:

1. Paladin, Sentinel, Wizard and Dancer
These four classes can be purchased or also obtained by using coins that can be earned in-game through quests.

2. Alternative Appearances (Knight, Archer, Magician and Rogue)
These alternatives are purely cosmetic and not needed to win the game. They have the exact same stats and skills as the original classes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Tiny Guardians playable offline?
Yes it is. The prompt to connect online is for your to sync your achievements, make purchases or for when you want to upload/download progress.

I have trouble getting 3 stars in a certain level, help!
Move on to other levels (or Challenge Modes) to get more stars. Upgrade according to your strategy and try again! Try different units for different types of enemies.

My iCloud upload/download doesn’t seem to be working…
Do check your phone’s iCloud settings, you might not be logged in. Please check if you have enabled iCloud access for Tiny Guardians.

Go to your iOS Settings > iCloud > make sure iCloud Drive is on > check if access is allowed for Tiny Guardians.

Will there be a version for Windows Phones?
There are no plans it at the moment, but it is always in our interest to cater to more platforms. Keep update with us on social media for updates!

I purchased some classes, but they’re missing when I start a new game.
If you’ve purchased a class before and it’s not showing up, please go to the Tavern interface. There is a Restore Purchase button on the bottom left.
This is how the button looks like:


Will there be new levels and content?
Yes, there will be an expansion with new levels and content!

Can I play Tiny Guardians on the PC?
There is no PC or browser version as of now.

I really like the game, and want to support your team in making new content, what can I do?
Thank you! You can help us through rating the game on the App Store and Google Play, or purchasing the alternative appearances.

General information on Tiny Guardians can be found on its page or official site. If you have yet to play the game, it is available for download over on the App Store and Google Play:

btn_appstore btn_googleplay

We are keeping the game guide simple  (and without visual spoilers), but if you would like to know other specific details, do comment and let us know. You can also contact us onFacebook (or one specific to Tiny Guardians), Twitter or Google+.


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  1. Tracy Cai says:

    Hi there, I am from China, I have just downloaded the Tiny Guardians a few days ago, and found it a briliant game! I realy love this game and want to support you but however, some reasons as you may know the relationship between google and Chinese government that neither we can log in the website of google play nor the purchasing page. So please tell me if there is any other way to support you. Anyway, thanks for making such a great game, I am realy enjoy it, looking forward to the next page of the story! : )

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hi Tracy, thank you so much for the support despite the complications! We are working to make Tiny Guardians available for the China market (although it won’t be too soon). You can sign up for our newsletter here to be updated: We also signed up for Weibo in hopes to connect with more players in China too: 🙂

  2. Ramapriyan says:

    I bought this at a killer discount. Amazing game, great graphics, especially the art. The gameplay is nice and the in app purchases are not a necessity to become stronger. Good job! ^_^

  3. sarah says:

    Hello! love this game 100% I have a question, when you unlock units through stars how do you change them? I can only view them and their stats

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello Sarah, you can level up the units (levels are indicated by the stars) in every level. When you have enough mana, select the unit and pull the level up card to do so! Some levels and modes restrict certain characters too, in case you are wondering.

  4. michelle says:

    Hi, I just recently downloaded this from the Chinese appstore (accidentally) because I speak and read English, not Chinese. I’m just wondering if there are any languge settings in the game that can translate everything to English for me? Thanks so much, I’ll really appreciate the help! have a great day 🙂

  5. Lasa says:

    Hi, enjoyed the game so much!
    But i have issues, my coin (which you can use for purchasing hero) keep decreasing, i have keep my coin for buying sentinel, but when the coin reach 6 or 7 the coin decrease to 1
    Any help?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, can you email us at hello [at] kurechii [dot] com on what device you’re using, and where you got the game from? 🙂 We’ll help you out from there.

  6. Emily says:

    The description of the sentinel says it will never miss. Yet in the Helix Post level, there is a message above my sentinel that says “Miss” almost every shot. Is this a bug? Is there a certain level or particular enemy that will make ranged fighters miss?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello Emily, we’ve already fixed this. Are you playing on iOS or Android, do update to the latest version if it’s available to fix this!

  7. Rich says:

    Love the game, and really hope you guys make a sequel! I’m struggling to defeat the final RingMaster boss on challenge mode though, as I can’t work out how to escape his black hole spell (and challenge mode prevents me from reviving my warriors). Is it meant to be avoidable? Or do I really have to find a way to survive with him insta-killing my warriors every time?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, thanks! We’ll be updating with more content soon, so you can look forward to it 🙂 As for the Ringmaster, the black hole spell can be avoided if you can move your units away. If warriors aren’t working out, you might want to try units who can move away faster, or units who deal higher damage to end the fight sooner?

  8. Rich says:

    Great news, and thanks for the advice, I’ll try another strategy… 😀

  9. Ryan says:

    Many have mentioned it on the iOS app store – but the game always crashes at the beginning of Helix Outpost (right after the fighting begins). I’ve tried it on my iPad air and my iPhone 6 plus. Any updates to fix this on the way?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      It’s already fixed and will be submitted after a final, secure check! It will take some time for approval on the AppStore, but we will announce when the fixed update is available 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. best gamer says:

    I really loved that game and I can give 150% rate to it and i just want to ask
    can KURECHII continue this unique game and add more updates please.

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      After we’re done with the current games we are working on, we do plan to work on more for Tiny Guardians 🙂

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