Tiny Guardians – iOS Beta Testing

We’ve spent many months working on our upcoming game, and are happy to announce that it is now ready for beta testing!

A demo has been showcased at Casual Connect Asia 2014 and has been receiving positive responses. We’d like to update you on what we have polished from then on – and also ask if anyone would be interested to beta test the game to provide some solid feedback.

What’s Tiny Guardians?
Protect Lunalie the summoner as she goes on a quest to find the Sorceress (who is also her aunt).
Summon guardians through her cards and travel through the Caspid Plains into the Fractured Forest. Her adventure does not stop there, more challenging enemies await as you venture through the volcanic grounds of Helix and into the mysterious Marsh Mawlo circus grounds!

Tiny Guardians Beta Test

To sign up for the beta test, do note that:

  • the game is developed for the iPad
  • we have prepared a form for you to give us your feedback

Should you be interested, fill up and submit this form 🙂
After your submission, we will then review and follow up with an email on how to get the beta!

If you would like to keep up with the game’s news, do drop by the Tiny Guardians pre-launch site to sign up for our newsletter.


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  1. DEREK PADGETT says:


    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hi Derek, have you submitted the form? Please do, so that we can review and pick it with the others! 🙂

  2. Chris Owens says:

    Please sign me up for a beta. Would love to give you direct feedback on your app.

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      We’ve received your submission, and will review it together with the others and get back to you in the next week! Thanks for signing up 😀

  3. Aw, this looks wonderful!

    I’d love to give it a try and help out with the testing but, unfortunately, I only own an iPhone and iPod 🙁

    I’ll definitely pick it up when I get an iPad though! Good luck 🙂

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hi Andrew! Very sorry to have to limit the testing device, our resources limit us at the moment. Really glad you’re interested though! Hopefully you’ll be able to play the game when it’s released 😀

  4. 李长旭 says:


  5. Vongola91 says:

    Is the review result out already ? I haven’t received any email since I signed up

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, we sent out the first batch of testing. After we’re done compiling the feedback and polishing the beta, we’ll move on to the next! Will take note of your email to include in the next batch if possible 🙂 Thanks for dropping us a message!

  6. james cameron says:

    Will there be a flash version?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      There are no plans as of yet, but we will consider after releasing the iOS version and collecting feedback 🙂

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