A New League

A New League

It’s been awhile since The King’s League ended.

The champion stepped up to the throne and brought about peace and harmony throughout his reign. However, peace never lasts.

For those who have been waiting for another go at the league, thank you for your patience!
The King’s League: Odyssey is set to launch in April and you will be able to feast your eyes (and time, and fingers) on the game and its polished visuals.

Speaking of which, the shiny video and knights in armor are the proud creations of Ritchie Fernando, who collaborated with Kurechii for this sequel.

We had fun times working with Ritchie,  and sat him down for a little interview about his experience.

On most time spent:
I spent a lot of time on the animations. There were a total of 35 characters, with 5 movements (or more) each.

On character design:
I intended the characters to be faceless, to be unable to display emotions. As the game is about strategizing, I didn’t want players getting attached to certain characters. Ideally, they would be mixing and matching different classes to create various armies.

First character drafts of The King's League: Odyssey.

First character drafts of The King’s League: Odyssey.

The first character drafts had proper proportions, looking sleek and serious. Then I thought since the theme is already a league filled with battle, we could have a bit more humour within – and big headed characters were born.

On most enjoyable:
Perhaps also the most challenging: the icons.

They might seem simple, but the focus is always on communicating the meaning behind the visuals. They were no easy task.

To wrap up:
One major thing I’ve picked up during the process is that consistency is important, especially in terms of keeping game stickiness high.

Time spent on coming up with visuals, to craft, to polish and then make amendments is a lengthy one. For me, the key to staying focused is to be persistent. I’m sure many creatives have experience having new ideas after deciding on a direction for a project, the thing is to absorb them carefully – to discard those that would put a damper on your progress.

The King’s League: Odyssey is the first game I’ve worked on, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot from scratch. Designing for games is as fun as it is challenging!

You may find more of Ritchie’s works on his site or behance profile.
Click here for his gallery of The King’s League: Odyssey’s art.


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  1. iggyvolz says:

    Is this coming to Kongregate too or just Facebook?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Apologies for not seeing your comment earlier! The game isn’t available on Facebook, but is now on Kongregate and a few other portals 🙂

  2. Drake says:

    2 questions 1. Can you make this ios? 2. When and if you make a new King League (please do) can you make it for ios, I’m really runnin’ low on ios games

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hi Drake, some things are in the works, so do follow us on social media to know about the game’s mobile updates!

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