Studio Peek: Workstations

While we wrap up a some of our upcoming games, we thought to share a bit of what goes on in the studio.

First up, we present: our workstations.

This is where we spent 90% of our working hours at.

The other 10%? We’ll save that for another post.

Ywei is one for simple and clean spaces. Some highlights of his workstation are:

1. Weapons and Scrolls (A.K.A. stationary and documents) for the daily routine.
2. Many, many gadgets.
3. The legendary sketchbook that has survived many water-spills. Many game ideas and graphics were born from these water-stained pages.
4. The organizer. Quoting him, it’s “more boring compared to the sketchbook, but equally important”.

Gadget mania!

Next up, our resident illusionist:
Zyen’s desk is a little world of interesting collections, let’s take a closer look:

1.  Bottles – of stationary and things we have no name for.
2. Pretties: Doll and postcard from some talented local artists. And if you can’t see, that’s a frame holding an art of ballerinas with mustache skirts.
3.  Self-customized desktop wallpaper to make her messy icons more easy to pick out. Although, you can’t see them here because she has magically hidden them away.
4. Essential tea set.

Bottles are just one of the many things she collects.


Moving on to the young trickster:

Check out Nick’s wallpaper!

1. Everyone needs a trusty pillow and some comfort toys, especially when debugging.
2. Sketches before he moves on to digital art.
3. Believe it or not, all the visuals you have seen for Chicky Duo were drawn by Nick, using this very mouse! No tablets involved.
4. A pair of snazzy headphones received during his recent birthday.

We never expected this when we opened the box on his table. Classy pencil box is classy.


Last but not least:

Pink is not Lydia’s favourite colour, or so she says. It’s just a preferred colour.

1. A bucket to keep The Sketchbook and many colorful pens. Makes a good headphone stand too.
2. The cuddly dolphin Pillow Pet for sleepy days.
3. Inspiration board. Home to many aquatic or pink creatures and decorations.
4. FOOD. Because sugar keeps the ideas rolling in.

“Really, it’s just a preferred colour for a certain many things.”

That wraps up our first ever Studio Peek!

If there’s anything you would like to see for the next one, comment and let us know. Who knows, you might be able to see how our workstations usually look like.

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