The Diggonaut

Once upon a time, in a galaxy quite far away, a planet named Worromot existed.

Its inhabitants were Worroms, translucent life forms with brilliant minds. Worromot was self-sustaining, and the Worroms wondered for centuries what else the galaxy offered.

An expedition was launched – and Astronaut Lite was dispatched to Planet 2012. His mission was to find out more about the planet – whether it offered any useful resources, whether it sustained life, whether its inhabitants were generous or unwelcoming.

Destination 2012 was barren when Lite landed, so he set up his trusty excavation pod and did one of the things he enjoyed the most – dig.

We’ve been spending the past few months with Astronaut Lite and his underground adventures. Instead of keeping it all to ourselves, we hope to share his story with you too.
Be ready to dig in August!

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