Happy Gamin’time!

Valentine’s Day – the annual day to commemorate love and affection.

Instead of joining the party of chocolate and roses, the folks over here at Kurechii would like to share about some of their most-loved games. Featuring snazzy avatars courtesy of Zyen!

Don’t worry, we’re keeping it short and sweet!

YIWEI – Starcraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment
I enjoy strategy games – mind-grinding, anxiety-inducing game sessions are for me! I have tried out countless real-time strategy games, and was pretty amazed that Blizzard could increase my love for it through Starcraft 2. I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect strategy game – but it houses an assembly of well-balanced units and allows for endless strategies and possibilities!

The rich background story further enhances the main storyline, making the single player campaign much more engaging. Needless to say, the multi-player battles on Battle.net is a definite plus! I have always enjoyed games that allow team plays, and Starcraft 2 has definitely kept that feeling alive.

The fact that one’s wins and losses will be recorded on those online battles makes the game extra exciting and even adds a twinge of tension for me. After all, everyone wants their league ranking to look good! Or, it could just be the perfectionist inside me unwilling to see a bit too many loses on my profile.

Games that entertain not only the players but also the audience are always a bonus. Admittedly, I spent much of last year watching other player’s matches.

ZYEN – Professor Layton by Level-5
One of my favourite games is Professor Layton. It’s a puzzle adventure game series for the Nintendo DS, developed by Level-5. They have developed a total of five games in both Japanese and English, and have even expanded the story into a film.

The game takes place in and around contemporary London, story about Hershel Layton, a professor of archeology who is called to solve various mysteries in different places. Along with the story, players are required to explore and solve more than a hundred puzzles and mysteries to discover the ending.

I like how polished the game is: from its art direction to color mood, rich story to fine animation, the various mini games to the fine details. Professor Layton will soon be having a collaboration with Ace Attorney – yet another game I enjoy! Am looking forward to it very, very much.

For those who have not tried the game or wish to know more about it, do drop by the official website of Professor Layout!

NICK – Diablo 2 by Blizzard Entertainment
When I was a kid, the games I played were introduced to me by my brother – my ‘game supplier’. I picked up Diablo 2 from him – and it has since been one of my favourite role-playing game.

Not only does it feature a perfect blend of amazing gameplay, interesting character classes and challenging bosses; it also presents an interesting inventory collection: from weapons, to armors, to treasures.

It’s a powerful and addictive game. During high school, I would play it for more than eight hours daily! The kind of addiction I had for the game was the kind that made me ignore hunger just to continue playing. For me, the top two clases were Sorceress and Assassin – as I enjoyed the visual feedback from magic spells, and high speed attacks from the latter.

The gaming experience I had from playing Diablo 2 has stayed with me all this while. As I work on my games, I hope to be able to infuse them the enjoyment I had.

LYDIA – Tetris originally by Alexey Pajitnov
If I had to live the rest of my life with only a few games – which would be horribly sad, but let’s say if – then I would hug Tetris to the grave.

This simple yet immortal game has lived through years, played by generations on many different platforms and devices. I can never get over how a with blocks – blocks made of four squares to be exact, but in different arrangements (a.k.a. tetriminoes) – can be so addictive.

Sure, modern takes on the game have added more ‘fun stuff’ to the game, like various designs for the tetriminoes and more modes (speed battles and survival modes next to the classic one). I’ve spent so many hours online battling it out on the 2-player mode, there was a point in time I would picture Tetris combinations (they call it the Tetris effect) randomly through the day.

It is also said that playing Tetris increases the brain’s efficiency, and also help one forget depressing memories. I can’t confirm those sayings, but what I can say is that a few rounds of Tetris never fails to cheers me up!

If you’re interested in battling it out with Tetris players worldwide, do check drop by Tetris Friends!

So there you have it!
Some of the Kurechiians’ most-loved games.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day – have a good one!

If you’re not, and that horrible Forever Alone feeling is getting to you: remember that besides the game of love, there are also plenty of games out there to keep your spirits up!

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