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In the last quarter of 2011, Kurechii’s team grew in size – not by a whole lot in terms of quantity, but quality. We did not make any official announcements then – but a new year calls for introductions!

Nick, welcome to Kurechii!

To keep things short and sweet – we had Nick answer some questions about himself and his passion.

Say hello to Nick!

1.  What’s your role in Kurechii?
I have only joined a few months back, so I can’t say what my role is exactly – but up till now I’ve been put in charge of handling animations and programming.

2. Why did you choose to join the game industry?
I love playing games. That, and creating fun stuff, things that entertain.

When I was young, I used to create and modify games – improvise another way to play them. My friends enjoyed those games a lot; it made me realize that I liked bringing fun and joy to others. When someone enjoys something I created, it makes me happy and satisfied.

3. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
I enjoy going to the movies, meeting up with my friends, any outdoor activities – anything to get out from the house.

4. What inspires you?
Inspiration usually comes to me when I’m taking a bus or a train. Not worrying about anything, just chilling while listening to music with an empty mind, or just day dreaming while seeing the sights pass by. When I’m in that relaxed state, anything and everything can inspire me. From a person to a stalk of grass, a kind smile to a fluff of cloud – I start imagining the story behind each and every one of those things.

5. What motivates you?
Honestly, I’m the sort of person who needs encouragement. I don’t have much confidence, so every encouragement means a lot to me – no matter how small it may seem. Even a simple “Good job!”, “Not bad!” or “Nice!” can give me loads of confidence and force to keep moving forward.

The feeling when someone appreciates my works – no matter what form it is in, be it verbal comments, a smile on their face, a typed-out note – also motivates me very much.

6.  Any previous works you would like to show?
Before graduating, I created my first game called “Egg To The Rescue”. Despite it being imperfect, it was the project that gave me the confidence to pursue game design.

That so-called imperfect game is on it’s way to being honed, as Kurechii will be releasing another game before the first quarter of the year is over – handled by Nick himself! We shall not say too much at the moment – but it’s a point-and-click puzzle game featuring two very cute and adventurous eggs on a journey to save their mother!

Leaving you with a teaser photo – do keep your eye out for the game!

Here's a shot of the Nick's doodles for the game!

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