When You Wish Upon A Star

Good day!

We have crept out of our hectic schedule to tend to our neglected blog. Much apologies!


The last time we announced the release of Reachin’Pichin.
What happened to it? What happened after that?

We’re very thankful that it’s been doing well on kongregate and newgrounds.

Up to date, we have a total of 3 million plays – and counting!
Thank you, if you have contributed to that amazing and unexpected amount!

Following the release, we had a few interviews and mentions. They are as listed below:
Reachin’Pichin on JayIsGames
Coverage on MPlanet
Write Up on Star Rage (link is no longer available on The Star’s site)

To finish up it up, Reachin’Pichin was also awarded as the Best Casual Game at the kre8tif awards! kre8tif is a regional creative conference, and was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia last year.

The release of Reachin’Pichin itself has been a wonderful wish come true for us, the number of plays were a huge motivation, and the mentions and awards were delicious icing on the cake.

Thank you for being a part of it!


What else would there be?
We’re working on new games!
As a team, and also personally.

Look forward to a few more games from kurechii this year!

& please continue to give us your wonderful support!

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