February Festives & Project: Oriental Romance

It’s already been more than a month since we’ve all stepped into the new year, how has 2010 been so far? Have you been working on those resolutions?

Check the post out for motivations for those who haven’t, and for those who have – gifts!

This year, the first day of Chinese New Year is also Valentine’s day!

Click here to download all 6 in one go!

We hope you enjoy the eye candies  – but wait, don’t go yet!

Before you head off, we would like to humbly invite you to join kurechii’s Project: Oriental Romance.

In conjunction with the 14th February 2010, we will be compiling entries of custom-designed Pichin’s. These custom-designs will be done by YOU!

Using this image as a base, create a Pichin in relation to the theme: Oriental Romance

Or if you feel like drawing your own version of Pichin, feel free to do so!

You’re also welcome to add in your very own message or festive greeting : take this chance to shout out to your loved ones – may it be a Gong Xi Fa Chai or a simple I love you ;D

We will be posting up selected entries on the blog, in a huge compilation. Send your entries to events@kurechii.com and include the name that you would like to be credited in your email.

The deadline for submissions is: 14th March 2010, so send your entries in before Monday!

Spread the word too, so that more people will join in the festive love: may it be the ones shouting out – or the ones receiving the love!

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