The Mastermind & The Sidekick

In the previous post, we introduced to you our visually enticing protagonist of the game – Pichin!

To follow up, we’re introducing to you two other characters you will come across in the game. Who are they, well – read on to find out!


The Man Who Made It Happen
Like how the chicken came from the egg (or the other way around, whichever you prefer) – Pichin was created as a result of an ambitious man.

His name? Well, there are no lab records or documents mentioning his name. Thus – he is only known as Professor. The Professor.

For years, he had been working on a Top Secret experiment – to infuse the power of flight (or in a more humble sense, levitation) to objects and creatures. Of course it would eventually lead to humans being able to fly just like birds could – but in the early stages of his experiment he was testing it out on his own creature-creations.

Pichin was born as a result of that.

However, Professor was NOT at all pleased when he found out that Pichin was not able to even jump – much less make a decent flight.

Out of disappointment and anger, he abandoned Pichin – already planning on making a better specimen.

Was he a heartless old man? Or just a hell-bent scientist who wants what he wants?

Whatever it is, without him – there would have been no Pichin.

And there would have been no big adventure through the sky for the little creature!

The Girl Who Was Always There
It isn’t easy for a child to grow up without someone to take care of him. Neither would it be easy for a specimen like Pichin.

Fortunately for Pichin, the Lab Assistant was a much kinder-soul compared to her senior. Feeling sad for Pichin after her Professor abandoned it, she stayed back – wondering if there was anything she could do to help it. After all, which kind-hearted soul can leave a cute creature crying all alone in a laboratory?

By staying behind, she witnessed Pichin’s first steps to being able to fly. With hopes and lots of knowledge, she set her heart to helping Pichin reach the ends of the skies – and beyond.

In the game, she will be constantly be by your side – guiding you through the game and giving you useful hints on how to conquer the skies!

Upcoming festive goodies!
Before you leave, we are delighted to let you know that the next update will be a post full of Christmas goodies! (Maybe we’d throw in some New Year goodies too?)

You don’t have to be a good boy or good girl to get these goodies from Santa Pichin – just remember to check back!

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