Reachin’Pichin – Inside out, upside down

Good day!

This post is specially dedicated to those who have been following the ventures of kurechii;
to those who have heard of Reachin’Pichin – who gave support and encouragement to its development – but never got to see what Reachin’Pichin is all about.

If you have never heard of Reachin’Pichin – well, this post is for you too! Do take some time out and read through the details of a fun-packed game in the making!


Reachin’Pichin; in a nutshell
The game revolves around Pichin.

Pichin is:
1. A failed levitation experiment
2. Wants to prove its worth


Pichin flies! – or at least, tries very hard to.

You play as Pichin, making attempts to fly at the early stages of the game.
When you master the skill of flight, you move on to mastering the skills of maneuvering through the skies – picking up powerups and avoiding disasater!

Reachin’Pichin; flying through the sky
Just flying?

Yup, that is all there is to the game! Of course, “flying” in Reachin’Pichin is given maximum focus and therefore you will be having very pleasant flights – our captain guarantees so.

Let’s take a look at the two main things you do while flying:

Pichin starts off his flying lessons with a jump. Before he levels up, powerups prove as a GREAT assistance. These spiffy items boost you higher, keeping you longer in the air while increasing your score.

Another kind of powerups are the Evolution Ores. There are three kinds: Bestial, Botanic and Metallic. Pichin’s evolution highly depends on which kind of ores it collects most. But we shall leave the details for another day.

The last kind of collectables in the air – are special items.

They aren’t just there for you to pick up.

You’ll have to earn them, by shaking them out of the clouds!

Obstacles come in many forms and sizes.

You have your obvious blockades, which you simple move out of the way to avoid.

Then you have some sneaky creatures – from monkeys to aliens, trapping you in flight.
There are different ways to escape their clutches if you are caught, you’ll find out about that in the game.

It’s not at all a bad thing when you are caught in these traps – as some of them will get you sparkling achievements!

Reachin’Pichin; unexpected
With the basics of the game laid out above – there is only one more thing I’d like to add to sum the game up: Expect the Unexpected.

As overused and as cheesy as that might sound – that is what spices up the entire game.
Your flight experience is not a just one way trip to winning, but a trip filled with unexpected events that make the entire journey much more memorable.

I would go into how unpredictable the evolution would get, and how interesting the list of achievements are – but that’s all for this time folks!

Do stay tuned for more updates!

We appreciate your endless support, motivation and words of encouragement!

Have a nice day!

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