King's League II

A Story of Champions

A pivotal point in Kurestal's history, it details the events of the fourth King's League. Fighters fought through the Leagues to become Champions against the rising Infernal threat.



Trusty Delivery

A daily account of the well-respected Postknight organisation and their dutiful members. These strong individuals fight foes and deliver packages throughout the Kingdom of Kurestal.


The King's League: Em­blems

Competing for Glory

These are three distinct perspectives of the third King's League. Three Leaders collected emblems, rose through the League, and defeated the terrorists 'Basilisk'.


Tiny Guar­dians

An Unsung Tale

A rare telling involving the elusive Summoners. A young Summoner-in-training travelled in search of her tutor through the mystical Fractured Forest.


Chicky Duo

A Featherlight Journey

A small adventure about two young chicks on a rescue mission to save their mother hen. This strange story came from an entirely different dimension than ours.


The King's League: Odyssey

Climbing to the Top

This story tells of the revival of the King's League. The death of the previous Champion, Whitney, prompted the search for the Kingdom's first Kurestal Knights.


The King's League

The Search for a King

A classic about how the most prestigious tournament in Kurestal came to be. It was through this first King's League that a new King was crowned.



Reaching for the Stars

A curious legend of a determined creature that could traverse the skies. Claims suggest that it could travel across galaxies, even through multiple dimensions.