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The Season’s Here!

Can you already hear the jingling of bells?

Like a ninja, the end of the year has crept upon us!

As much as we are nervously excited about reaching the turn of yet another year, we are glad to say that there is one other thing around the corner!

The year 2012 marks another year of more games from Kurechii – with a new game called Diggonaut being the first!
Following the journey of an creature from outer space called Lite, Diggonaut is a puzzle-arcade game that is set to hit the Internet early 2012!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for it in the next year!

Last but not least, an advanced Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!
May games bring you more fun this joyous season!

p/s: Don’t you absolutely adore that cute lil’ banner for the post? Much thanks to the lovely Zyen for it!

Spanking Newtober!

Barely more than two months till the end of the year – Kurechii presents to you a spanking new website, coupled with an updated blog!

We’ve been working on our website for the past few months (yes, rather slowly, because we were planning our next game too!) – now that it’s finally done, do drop by for a visit! Our vault of games lies there, as well as the profiles of us Kurechiians. Any messages or inquiries can be directed to us over there, too!

While you’re there, don’t forget to bookmark, and/or recommend it to your friends on Google+ by clicking that pretty +1 button at the bottom!

As for our blog, we’ve synchronized the design with the website! Doesn’t it look so clean and snazzy now? We also sincerely apologize for the slight lack of updates – but keep an eye out, as we will be posting about our recent and upcoming games really, really soon!

Merry Christmas – and yes, Happy New Year!

kurechii wishes you a merry, joyful, present-filled Christmas!

– and of course, a very happy step into 2010!

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Why hello there, stranger!

You have just stumbled upon the humble blog of kurechii!
Either that, or you had a link directing you here.

Whichever it is, a warm welcome to the main hub for kurechii and its works!
kurechii works alongside a simple but strong motto: a pocketful of fun.

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