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General Guide – Tiny Guardians

Wondering about certain aspects of Tiny Guardians? Don’t worry, we have you covered in this guide!
(In case we didn’t cover something you want to know about, just ask us in the comments.)


  • Classes
  • Star System
  • Upgrades
  • Boss Fights
  • Quests
  • In-App Purchases
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Tiny Guardians – The Journey Starts Now

Pick up your cloaks and embark on an epic journey with Lunalie!

After long months of development, Kurechii is excited to present Tiny Guardians to you!

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Tiny Guardians – iOS Beta Testing

We’ve spent many months working on our upcoming game, and are happy to announce that it is now ready for beta testing!

A demo has been showcased at Casual Connect Asia 2014 and has been receiving positive responses. We’d like to update you on what we have polished from then on – and also ask if anyone would be interested to beta test the game to provide some solid feedback.

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Casual Connect 2014 & Upcoming Games

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this part of our site.

That’s because the team has been busy working on a game called Tiny Guardians – which will be showcased at Casual Connect 2014 Singapore next week!
I shall not let on too many details about the game now, except that it’s a tower defense game with a twist.

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