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When You Wish Upon A Star

Good day!

We have crept out of our hectic schedule to tend to our neglected blog. Much apologies!


The last time we announced the release of Reachin’Pichin.
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Reachin’Pichin has reached its final stages!

We – kurechii, are extremely proud to present to you -Reachin’Pichin! (In all its playable and bouncy glory!)

First things first;
To those who have motivated, commented, supported, waited and anticipated the finished game – thank you so much! We appreciate it very much!

To those who still don’t quite know what’s going on – do not fret!
Reachin’Pichin is available for playing over at: FunflowJay Is Games, Kongregate and also on Newgrounds! Continue Reading →

The Mastermind & The Sidekick

In the previous post, we introduced to you our visually enticing protagonist of the game – Pichin!

To follow up, we’re introducing to you two other characters you will come across in the game. Who are they, well – read on to find out!


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Reachin’Pichin – Inside out, upside down

Good day!

This post is specially dedicated to those who have been following the ventures of kurechii;
to those who have heard of Reachin’Pichin – who gave support and encouragement to its development – but never got to see what Reachin’Pichin is all about.

If you have never heard of Reachin’Pichin – well, this post is for you too! Do take some time out and read through the details of a fun-packed game in the making!


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