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Kickstarter: MYSO Plays For King’s League

We’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in collaboration with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra of Atlanta and Francesco D’Andrea – the composer behind the iconic King’s League soundtrack!


The campaign aims to grant the Youths of MYSO a recording opportunity to perform the scores composed by Francesco for King’s League, and have the recorded tracks implemented into the next King’s League game. Read on or visit the Kickstarter page to find out more!

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Kurechii x Oh&Ah

We recently collaborated with local crafters Oh&Ah for some merchandises of our games. Take a look below!

To present a mix of ideas between 2 creative parties here in Malaysia, the collaboration goes with the slogan:



ohah-logoOh&Ah = A place for the admiration & love of well designed things. To know more about them, head over here.

All items are specially designed and handmade.  This means that there will be subtle variations from item to item – making it one-of-its-kind!

Be it a present or for your own collection, these crafts will be like no other. See below for crafts from the collaboration:

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King’s League: Odyssey At IGF 2014


A belated post over here about Kurechii’s trip to the Independent Games Festival in China this year – a trip we’ve been hoping to go for, that really happened!

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King’s League: Odyssey – iOS Launch


Our blog has been rather quiet, many apologies for that! We’ve been busy with the development of a few games. In fact, we still are, but I’m here to to announce the launch of King’s League: Odyssey on the iOS!

A follow-up to the browser version of The King’s League: Odyssey, more features will be included in this mobile version. The browser version limited the content we wanted to include, so we made sure to include everything we could into this one! Of course, players wanted to bring the Legaue on-the-go, and we have been more than happy to make that happen!

What’s new you ask? Read on to find out!

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New Year, New Heights

Its ten days into the new year, what have you been up to?

Have you broken any resolutions, or have you made some epic ones?

Over here, one of ours is to release at least four games this year!
(It’s kind of a cheat-resolution though, I’ll tell you why later.)

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