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Studio Peek: Workstations

While we wrap up a some of our upcoming games, we thought to share a bit of what goes on in the studio.

First up, we present: our workstations.

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Marching onwards!

As the first quarter of the year marches to a close (no, pun not really intended), we are diligently working on our games like little elves that come out to mend shoes at night.

Besides the tasks at hand, we have also updated our profile page. Do drop by and get to know the minds behind our games!

Oh, and before you head over – feast your eyes on some delicious looking eggs and chickens!

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Happy Gamin’time!

Valentine’s Day – the annual day to commemorate love and affection.

Instead of joining the party of chocolate and roses, the folks over here at Kurechii would like to share about some of their most-loved games. Featuring snazzy avatars courtesy of Zyen!

Don’t worry, we’re keeping it short and sweet!

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Something’s a-cooking!

In the last quarter of 2011, Kurechii’s team grew in size – not by a whole lot in terms of quantity, but quality. We did not make any official announcements then – but a new year calls for introductions!

Nick, welcome to Kurechii!

To keep things short and sweet – we had Nick answer some questions about himself and his passion.

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