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Casual Connect 2014 & Upcoming Games

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this part of our site.

That’s because the team has been busy working on a game called Tiny Guardians – which will be showcased at Casual Connect 2014 Singapore next week!
I shall not let on too many details about the game now, except that it’s a tower defense game with a twist.

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King’s League: Odyssey – Intro FAQ

Hello everyone! If you’re still wondering whether or not to install King’s League: Odyssey, our lovely publisher Gamenauts put together some answers to possible questions. Do read on if you want to know more about the game, and whether it’s something you would be interested in.

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King’s League: Odyssey – iOS Launch


Our blog has been rather quiet, many apologies for that! We’ve been busy with the development of a few games. In fact, we still are, but I’m here to to announce the launch of King’s League: Odyssey on the iOS!

A follow-up to the browser version of The King’s League: Odyssey, more features will be included in this mobile version. The browser version limited the content we wanted to include, so we made sure to include everything we could into this one! Of course, players wanted to bring the Legaue on-the-go, and we have been more than happy to make that happen!

What’s new you ask? Read on to find out!

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General Guide – The King’s League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey General Guide

For quite some time, we have been wondering if we should put up a general guide for The King’s League: Odyssey. Players have been very efficient in figuring out every part of the game, but as we still get questions occasionally, here’s an overall look at the game. Do note that this guide only applies for the browser version.


  • The League
  • Units
  • Quests
  • Upgrades
  • Events
  • Achievements
  • Premium Content

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Launch Of An Odyssey

On April 11, we finally moved The King’s League: Odyssey out of its beta stages to be available for all! It has also been made available on Newgrounds, do check out the game on whichever game portal you frequent.

We are really overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to the game, and appreciate all the feedbacks. Here’s a post of highlights on the game development, and some hints on what else is next to come.

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A New League

A New League

It’s been awhile since The King’s League ended.

The champion stepped up to the throne and brought about peace and harmony throughout his reign. However, peace never lasts.

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Snakes and Years

Slithering in after the dragon of yesteryear, 2013 is the year of the snake in accordance to the zodiac calendar. It is said to be a year for steady progress and attention to detail, that focus and discipline will be necessary for those who aim to to achieve what they set out to create.

Those who are born in the year of the snake are reputed to be thoughtful and wise to approach problems rationally and logically; instead of instinctively.

Of course, I’m not here to discuss about zodiac signs – but instead about the classic game of Snake.

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Cooking Up A Game

Late last year, we started working on a new game. As we move along in production, our development progress and lessons will be shared through the blog.

During interviews, we are often asked about our inspirations for certain games. Yet beyond being inspired, there is always a very important phase that people rarely ask about: prototyping.

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New Year, New Heights

Its ten days into the new year, what have you been up to?

Have you broken any resolutions, or have you made some epic ones?

Over here, one of ours is to release at least four games this year!
(It’s kind of a cheat-resolution though, I’ll tell you why later.)

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Studio Peek: Workstations

While we wrap up a some of our upcoming games, we thought to share a bit of what goes on in the studio.

First up, we present: our workstations.

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