Kurechii x Oh&Ah

We recently collaborated with local crafters Oh&Ah for some merchandises of our games. Take a look below!

To present a mix of ideas between 2 creative parties here in Malaysia, the collaboration goes with the slogan:



ohah-logoOh&Ah = A place for the admiration & love of well designed things. To know more about them, head over here.

All items are specially designed and handmade.  This means that there will be subtle variations from item to item – making it one-of-its-kind!

Be it a present or for your own collection, these crafts will be like no other. See below for crafts from the collaboration:

Hello Mark: King’s League Special Edition


A special edition of bookmarks based on Oh&Ah’s Hello Mark – featuring unique characters from the King’s League series: the King, Whitney, Kraig, Bowen and Espino.

This time, we made them available in a set of two so none will be lonely, we’re looking to have them in a full team of five in the future!



Never fear! Our knights are here to keep your stories well marked. 


Bird Mark: Chicky Duo Special Edition

Adorably ticklish bookmarks paired with our chicks from Chicky Duo – Butter and Cream!


The set comes in white, yellow or a mix of both feather colours.

06 04
Hatching: before and after.


Pebble Guardians – Tiny Guardians Badge


Our little summons from Tiny Guardians in the form of pebbles!

Sold individually and in a pack, they feature Oh&Ah’s take on our guardians.
An un-inked version – the Knight Cookie – is available as well.

Bring a Guardian with you anywhere and everywhere!

Pebbles in the making.


We first sold these merchandises at Visual Arts Expo on August 22 and 23 2015. As we have been to mostly game-centric events, we decided to offer more than just a showcase of our games this time around.


The team is grateful to have been there, being able to meet fans our games, new players, aspiring and fellow game developers. This time, they could support us and take home some game momentos as well.

Of course, we will be bringing these merchandises to future events, so do keep an eye out for them if you’re interested to collect any!


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