2014 Recap

As the year comes to a close, join us in taking a quick look at the larger milestones of Kurechii in 2014.

Earlier this year, we followed up King’s League: Odyssey’s mobile venture by making the game available on Android, Kindle and Window Phones.

If you have been looking forward to these releases but didn’t catch news of them, do grab a copy for yourself! Links to the stores can be found over on the official site.

We’ve had the opportunity to showcase our games at a handful of events this year:

  • Casual Connect Singapore (May)
  • Tokyo Game Show (September)
  • Independent Games Festival China (November)
  • Comic Fiesta Malaysia (December)

Not only were the events a great experience, King’s League: Odyssey won Indie Prize Award’s Best Mobile Game at Casual Connect Asia, and the Best Game at IGF China! Both awards were something we hoped for but didn’t expect to win! They were great encouragements to continue working on Chicky Duo and Tiny Guardians.

On November 20th, Chicky Duo was released, and we directed more of our efforts onto Tiny Guardians.

It’s set to be released before the first quarter of 2015 ends, so do look forward to it!

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