The Hatching of Chicky Duo

Having finally submitted Chicky Duo for approval, the team can let out a slight breath of relief.

Chicky Duo first started out as an experimental project for Nick – to further improve his animation and coding skills. We felt that it had potential, and decided to delve deeper into its development, aiming to create a polished point-and-click puzzle adventure game.

The game has just been released today, 20th November 2014 on the App Store.

If you’re still unsure of what the game has to offer, do check out the trailer and read on to find out more!

gif_butter Presenting Butter – a gutsy little chick.Despite his huge enthusiasm, he is ironically smaller in size. He takes the lead in the mission to save his mother hen.

Butter is quick on his tiny feet, intelligent for a newly-hatched – but is afraid of water and dogs.

gif_cream Meet Cream – Butter’s less motivated sister.Hatched from a larger egg, Cream is stronger yet lazier. She gets hungry after using up her energy, and has very little patience.

Even though she is different from Butter in many ways – they share a common trait: the fear of dogs.

Now that you’ve met the mains, here are some quick facts about the game:

Ground Zero
The chicks’ rescue mission starts off at the nest, spanning across the farm and even reaching up into the sky. Instead of solving the puzzles from a human’s point-of-view, consider how to overcome obstacles from a chick’s point of view.

Eggcellent Art & Animation
Trivia: 99% of the art of Chicky Duo is entirely drawn by mouse! Nick also made sure the animations were smooth yet lively.

Mini Puzzles
To adds some perks as the game goes on, various mini puzzles are included.

The Road Not Taken
Think you could’ve completed a chapter through another way? Try it again! Some chapters can be solved in different ways.

Easter Eggs
Besides a trail of feathers, there are much more hidden secrets to uncover!

Hatching The Eggs
As it was merely an experimental project at first, Chicky Duo was built in Flash. Only when we had decided to market it for and then rebuilt in Unity for iOS. The porting took extra time – and certain things had to be reworked. It was something we try avoiding in all our projects, but given the situation – we had to experience it.

Chicky Duo is available on the App Store for the iPad, sold at $2.99.
Minimal text is used in the game, making it easy for children to pick up and play with their parents.

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