King’s League: Odyssey – Intro FAQ

Hello everyone! If you’re still wondering whether or not to install King’s League: Odyssey, our lovely publisher Gamenauts put together some answers to possible questions. Do read on if you want to know more about the game, and whether it’s something you would be interested in.

Q: Wait hold up, before we start – is this a freemium game with timers and stuff?
A: Nope, this is a 100% premium title. We’re releasing it as a special launch sale price of $1.99, before it goes back to the regular price of $2.99 on November 23.

The “timers” in the game are part of the time/resource management gameplay, similar to the timers in Game Dev Story, etc. You’ll have to balance how and what tasks you’d like to do within a certain period of in-game time.

Q: about IAPs? Is this game balanced to purge as much money out of us?
A: The game is 100% balanced to be playable without the purchase of any IAPs. We do not sell in-game currency (gold, crystals, etc.) as IAPs at all because we’re very sensitive to the game’s balance.

We have IAPs only for premium characters that you can purchase, similar to premium games like Plague, Inc. Kingdom Rush and Combo Crew. We consider these add-ons for those who really enjoy the game and would like to consider supporting our developer Kurechii Studios, who have put all their energy in making the game.

Q: Phew, ok. So what’s this game all about?
A: In short, this is a strategy/resource management game that has you managing your knights, archers, etc. in competitive leagues, vying for the coveted spot in the King’s round table. It’s an enhanced mobile port of the hit Flash game that’s one of the top strategy games on portals like Kongregate (where it also won the Game of the Month) and has over 5 million players

There’s plenty of stuff to do like dungeons, quests, upgrading units, etc. and a lot of fun to be had in discovering how to collect the rare and unique characters like the Battle Mage and the Phantom.

Q: $1.99? Gadzooks, what’s up with that?
A: We think that is is actually a fair price given the fact that this mobile version includes all of these premium add-on content for the Flash version that costs $5.00:

1. Battlethon Event
2. Legendary Units like the Battle Mage and the Phantom.
3. Endless Mode
– when you “beat” the game, you can keep playing in order to improve your Battlethon scores or to try to collect more characters. It’s actually difficult to collect the rare characters because those appear within specific circumstances.
– Your official scores will be the one where you get when you beat the game. So anything you gained in the Endless Mode will just be extra fun incentives.
4. Insane Mode

Q: Alright,sweet, so what’s new in this mobile version?
A: Below are the new features for the mobile version:

1. Dungeons with bosses, including those only unlocked via Insane Mode.
2. 7 brand new & unique characters to recruit.
3. Upscaled all art & UI to HD.
4. New enemies units.
5. Revamped Black Market.
6. New Events & Quests.
7. Personalize your army’s banner and name.
8. Extended ending with new final (secret) boss.
9. Intro animated video (the Flash version only has slideshows)

Of course, feel free to drop us a message if you have any more questions!

Download King’s League: Odyssey on the AppStore.

Visit the official site.


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