General Guide – The King’s League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey General Guide

For quite some time, we have been wondering if we should put up a general guide for The King’s League: Odyssey. Players have been very efficient in figuring out every part of the game, but as we still get questions occasionally, here’s an overall look at the game. Do note that this guide only applies for the browser version.


  • The League
  • Units
  • Quests
  • Upgrades
  • Events
  • Achievements
  • Premium Content

The League

city_league capital_league kings_league

The League consists of four stages: Hamlet Tourney, City Clash, Capital Tournament, and finally the King’s League.

Hamlet Tourney
City Clash
Capital Tournament
King's League
Base Reward250 Gold 300 Gold500 Gold600 Gold 2 Crystals
Placement Reward:
First Place
2000 Gold
30 Crystals
3000 Gold
50 Crystals
5000 Gold
80 Crystals
8000 Gold
100 Crystals
Placement Reward:
Second Place
1000 Gold
20 Crystals
2000 Gold
40 Crystals
3000 Gold
60 Crystals
6000 Gold
80 Crystals
Placement Reward:
Third Place
1000 Gold
15 Crystals
1500 Gold
30 Crystals
2000 Gold
40 Crystals
4000 Gold
60 Crystals
Placement Reward:
Fourth Place Onwards
500 Gold
10 Crystals
800 Gold
20 Crystals
1000 Gold
20 Crystals
3000 Gold
50 Crystals

When players emerge as the champion of a league, they will move onto the next one. If they fail to advance, they can challenge the same league again. Opponents found in the first three stages are other challengers in the league, but the final stage pits the player against seven other Kurestal Knights.


There are a total of 19 classes in the game, 4 basic classes with 2 advancement tiers.

Units can be levelled up with Crystals (earned from finishing leagues or certain quests). Each class can be further upgraded at the Battle Headquarters.
Basic Class
Advanced Tier 2
Advanced Tier 3
A loyal knight makes for a good tanker for the team.
It is harder to knock Templars back, and they are less vulnerable to magical attacks.
Paladins are sturdier, swifter and more precise with their attacks.
A warrior attacks well with his trusty spear.
Lancers are great attackers, and are not particularly lacking in other aspects.

Spearmen are extremely aggressive attackers.
Gladiators are all-rounded warriors: fast, lethal, sturdy and mostly always hungry.

The only warriors more aggressive than the spearmen are berserkers.
Magicians deal magical ranged attacks.
Wizards deal more magical ranged damage than magicians.

Clerics do what they do best: healing.
Kurestal Maidens can attack units in an area, and also conjure walls of crystals to protect their own.

Bishops are great healers, and also give extra bonuses to other units on your team.
Archers are non-magical ranged attackers.
Rangers shoot with so much force, their attacks knockback enemies and deal critical hits.

Hunters shoot way faster than Archers do.
Snipers are may not attack as fast as Sentinels do, but they can occasionally take units out in one shot.

The attack speed of Sentinels is unrivaled amongst the ranged units.
Thieves are melee attackers, but they defend well against ranged units.
Assassins take after their Thief abilities - with more critical damage.

Unique Characters

There are a total of eight unique characters to be recruited throughout the game, and these characters have bonus stats compared to normal units of their classes.

Unique characters appear when certain criterias have been met by the player. These criterias are hinted in the recruitment interface.
Requirements To Hire
*Advances into Crusader and then Hero.
My armor doesn’t shine too much now, but my bravery will make up for the lack of it.First given unit.
LancerQuinsforthI always say, just let them come! Just gotta make sure I aim the lance to wherever they’re coming from.Support the Lancers in the Polearms Tournament.
SpearmanTyboltA well-aimed spear is worth three, and I can tell you I’m worth five Support the Spearmen in the Polearms Tournament.
ClericCorthelloSpells from A to Z I know, just say what you need and I’ll show!Lose 4 battles in a row and search in the mountain.
Enchantress (Wizard)AdelaConcentrating on one target isn’t my thing. I’d rather take out a few in one blow.Win the City League without losing a single battle and search in the mountain.
RangerIrvineThere’s no one that can outrun me in the woods. They get a bit too far, they get shot down.Complete 40 quests and search in the forest.
HunterGregYou either hunt, or be hunted. I’m not fond of the latter, so I’ve done my best to be the first at hunting.Complete the Kongregate exclusive quests and search in the forest.
ThiefChristabelDeception’s the name of the game.Have 80,000 unspent gold when you search in the City.
Phantom premium_tab_20VeizerI specialize in the act of disappearing.Be exalted with Shadow Corps after purchasing Premium Content.
Battle Mage premium_tab_20MalzahraOf might or magic? I bring with me the best of both worlds.Be exalted with Blades Of Glory after purchasing Premium Content.
Champion premium_tab_20JeanneI will be your anchor if you can sail the Seven Seas.Have a ten match win-streak in the Battlethon.


Accepting and completing quests provide extra income for the army. Completing quests by a faction will raise your reputation with them, unlocking more quests that yield better rewards. There are four reputation stages (in order): Neutral, Friendly, Respected, Exalted.

The four factions providing quests are:

faction_gs  Golden Scales

A merchant’s guild, Golden Scales requires much help with safekeeping their trade goods. The player’s reputation with them starts from the Friendly stage.

faction_bog Blades Of Glory
A group of mercenaries who are short handed at the moment. Helping them with their odd jobs grants good rewards (and of course, achievements).

faction_sc Shadow Corps

A thieves guild with a tinge of justice – think Robin Hood.  Player’s reputation with them starts from the Neutral stage, and they are the last faction to be unlocked.

faction_trc The Royal Contingent  

The Royal Contingent provides quests related to the background story. The player’s reputation with them starts from the Respected stage.


There are two upgrade categories: Facilities and Units.

Facilities Upgrades

Cost1,500 Gold3,000 Gold12,000 Gold20, 000 Gold
Adminstration OfficeFar Reach
Recruits can be hired from the Forest and Mountain.
Grand Recruitment
Recruits can be hired from the Castle.
Prime Tributes
Conquered territories provide 20% more income
Conquered territories provide double the amount of crystals.
Training GroundsTrain Hard
Increases maximum training points by 3.
Increases maximum training points by 6.
Buff Up
Unlocks Advanced Training.
Muscle Mania
Doubles the effectiveness of trainings.
Battle HeadquartersUpperclass
Unlocks Class Upgrades.
Lavish Returns
Siege loot is increased by 20%.
Rapid Fire
Costs and days spent on sieges are slightly reduced.
Unlocks Final Class Advancements.
Quest UnionGlorify
Unlocks Quests from Blades Of Glory.
Quests give more rewards.
Shady Deals
Unlocks Quests from Shadow Corps.
Quests give double the amount of reputation points.


Units Upgrades

Players can switch between two upgrades of the same tier at any time.
E.g: between Steady Sword and Steady Stance.

Hall Of Guardians (Knight)

Steady Sword
Slightly increases attack power.
Swift Steps
Slightly increases movement speed.
Brave Heart
Reduces damage done by physical attacks.
Steadfast Duty
Reduces the rate of being knocked back.
Valorous Strike
Knocks back enemies even more.
10 Crystals20 Crystals40 Crystals80 Crystals100 Crystals
Steady Stance
Slightly increases defense
Determined Will
Slightly increases maximum health points.
Guarded Mind
Reduces damage done by magical attacks.
Knightly Spirit
Increases more maximum health points.
Shining Armor
Reduces some damage done by physical and magical attacks.

Bastion Of Courage (Warrior)

Robust Stabs
Slightly increases the attack power.
Chain Mail
Slightly increases the defense.
Reduces the rate of being knocked back.
Focused Thrusts
Increases more chances to deal critical attacks.
Chivalrous Will
Reduces some damage done by physical and magical attacks.
10 Crystals20 Crystals40 Crystals80 Crystals100 Crystals
Sharpened Blade
Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Shield Of Honour
Slightly increases maximum health points.
Sure Strides
Slightly increases movement speed.
Precise Incision
Greatly increases damage done through critical attacks.
Vigilant Spirit
Increases more maximum health points.

Arcane Sanctum (Magician)

Mystic Chants
Slightly increases the power of magical attacks.
Meditated Offense
Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Divination Focus
Increases more chances to deal critical attacks.
Spirits Within
Further reduces casting time.
Increases more magical attack power.
10 Crystals20 Crystals40 Crystals80 Crystals100 Crystals
Speedy Spells
Casting time is reduced.
Slightly increases casting range.
Impairment Charm
Greatly increases the damage done by critical attacks.
Mist Of Vision
Further increases casting range.
Enchanted Conjures
Boosts the damage done by critical attacks.

Sentry Spire (Archer)

Precise Projectile
Slightly increases attack power.
Keen Eye
Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Greatly Increases the damage done by critical attacks.
Arrow Shower
Increases more attack speed.
Bolts Of Might
Increases chances to shoot an arrow with a boosted knockback force.
10 Crytals20 Crytals40 Crytals80 Crytals100 Crytals
Long Aim
Archers shoot further.
Strafe Shots
Increases attack speed.
Piercing Projectiles
Increases more attack power.
Swift Sight
Archers shoot even further.
Dual Shot
Archers have a slight chance of performing a Double Attack.

Den Of Chaos (Thief)

Cunning Advances
Slightly increases attack power.
Gusty Offense
Greatly increases the damage done by critical attacks.
Well Prepared
Slightly increases maximum health points.
Accurate Aims
Raises the chances for attacks to pierce through enemy defences.
Increases the chance to reduce most damage taken by attacks.
10 Crystals20 Crystals40 Crystals80 Crystals100 Crystals
Sneaky Attacks
Slightly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.
Zealous Will
Greatly increases attack power.
Shadow Maneuvers
Increases dodge rate.
Surprise Surge
Attacks have a higher knockback force.
Silent Skirmish
Greatly increases the chances to deal critical attacks.


Throughout the league, there will be special events where the player can recruit unique characters or locate the Black Market, where players can exchange their resources for other types.

Black Market
Appears after two leagues, at random times. Allows players to exchange gold for crystals, vice versa.

Dragon Treasure
To be eligible for this event, the player must have Honoured reputation with the three factions (besides The Royal Contingent). Slaying the dragon grants luxurious rewards.

Battlethon premium_tab_20
Joining the Battlethon means pitching your army against a series of other armies with different unit combinations. The higher your winning streak is, the more rewards you get. If you lost or quit, your winning streak is restarted.


Completing achievements grants a rank that comes with bonuses to the player’s monthly income. This rank also carries over to a new game (in a different slot), allowing players to earn bonuses in new games.

Achievements To Complete
Merlin's OwnSpellcasting To Victory, Sagacious and Merlin’s Own
Marauding SpiritThe Embezzler, Gold For War and Super Stealthers
Brave ChivalryWhite Knight, Might To The Knights and Honouriffic
King Without A CrownTrampling Army, Wealthy Warfare and Sovereignty
Faction FavouritePolished Scales, Sharpened Blades and Melded Into The Night
Gamer Of ThronesGlory Of The Throne, People Magnet and Well Adorned

In total, there are over fifty achievements to be earned.
The full list can be checked in-game (Hall Of Fame), but we have listed six of the set achievements for your convenience:

6Hamlet HeroNoneNone
5City CaptainAdditional 200 Gold and 1 Crystal monthly.50 Achievement Points
4Capital CrusaderAdditional 600 Gold and 2 Crystals monthly.
200 Achievement Points
3Castle ChampionAdditional 1000 Gold and 3 Crystal monthly.
500 Achievement Points
2Palace PaladinAdditional 1500 Gold and 4 Crystal monthly.
900 Achievement Points
1League LegendAdditional 2000 Gold and 5 Crystal monthly.Complete all Achievements

Premium Content


Extra modes, events, unit classes and bonuses are available on Kongregate for 50 Kreds. The Content Pack includes:

  • Insane Mode
    The League is too easy? Not anymore. Beat the impossible!

  • Bonus Resources
    With greater enemies come extra gold and gems!
    Extra starting and monthly resources, especially for tackling Insane Mode.

  • Legendary Units
    New challengers appear!
    Three new units can be recruited: the Phantom Veizer, the Battle Mage Malzahra and the Champion Jeanne.

  • Battlethon
    Is your strategy as good as you think it is?
    Pitch your army of perfect combinations against a series of armies (each army is made up of different class combinations) through the Battlethon. The higher your winning streak, the more rewards you earn.

  • Ever After
    An Endless Mode. After winning, you may continue to defend your cities, complete quests and upgrade your army to your heart’s content.

General information on The King’s League: Odyssey can be found on its page. If you have yet to play the game, it is available to play over on Kongregate.

We are keeping the game guide simple  (and without visual spoilers), but if you would like to know other specific details, do comment and let us know. You can also contact us on Facebook (or one specific to The King’s League), Twitter or Google+.


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  1. Juan bautista says:

    Hi! I want to buy you the .swf premium game if thats possible! Pls let me know! I want to play the premium game offline becouse my NET is not that good

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, we don’t have an offline browser version of the game, but we’re releasing a version on the iOS tomorrow! It has extra content and various updates, maybe you will consider getting that? :)

      • Juan bautista says:

        Ty for the quick reply!
        NICE im totally buying it :D … I was just wondering if you guys are thinking of making a sequel (just to know i love your game thats why im asking).

        • kurechief says: (Author)

          You’re welcome :) And thank you for the support!
          The mobile version has a handful of new features, so there won’t be a third game for King’s League yet.

  2. fil03 says:

    Are you considering releasing the iOS version of the game on Android? I am a dire fan of the series, and I would totally buy this if it came out on the Google Play Store!

  3. Bean says:

    Hi, i’m playing this on the iphone and its great fun! BUT can you please solve the bug asap where the game keeps crashing? Tonnes of people are frustrated by it. Thanks!

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, this is belated, but we’ve already released a patch to fix up the crash awhile ago – just in case you haven’t updated!

  4. Olaf says:

    For the sake of class upgrades, is Malzahra a mage? Warrior? It’s unclear…

  5. Luke says:

    Hoe do we replay the league after we finish the game..?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      You can start a new game for the Leagues. Or, you can opt to continue your matches in the Battlethon.

  6. Lucas says: there anyhow i can replay the league in endless mode..? I missed some achievement and trying to achieve it without starting the whole game again

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, the only way to replay the league is to start a new game . If you’re playing the Flash version, you can still do so in a different mode and keep your progress.

  7. wonderabout says:


    And I hope you being understand my bad English before asking. :p

    I have purchased the kings league in android and im totally enjoyed with it.

    And Im started to wonder about is this premium contents contained in what I purchased in android phone.

    I didnt seen the insane modes but I have played battlethon events in field at several times ago.

    So my questions point is ‘is that apps contained with premium contents?’

    Thx for patience to my bad english.

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello there,
      Have you finished the game once? Insane mode is available when you start a new game, so do check out the main menu!

  8. Cynero says:

    I was wondering if a third part is going to come out some. I am a big fan and have bought iOS app. I can’t wait.

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      There’s something being planned at the moment. Do keep up with our news through our social media :D We’ll update when there’s something proper in the works! Really glad you enjoyed the game!

  9. Jeanne says:

    for the love of god

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      We’re working to finish up a few games at the moment, when we do start on a follow up to King’s League – we’ll definitely update on social media :D

  10. AussieJo2001 says:

    I know this is asked a lot, but A THIRD ONE PLEASE!?? I finished the hard mode, and insane mode, no comment. But I have played this for over a year now, and it’s time the next one comes out. Thank you.

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Glad you enjoyed the game! We have a few games in the works at the moment, just keep updated with us on our social media for King’s League updates! :D

  11. AussieJo2001 says:

    Wow, you DO reply quick! It only took 12 minutes! And thanks for the info!

  12. JosephF says:

    I’m playing on armorgames and I have a problem with obtaining “Marauding Spirit” (Misc) achievment because i can’t find “The Embezzler” achievment in game. Am I blind or was it renamed or something?

    • kurechief says: (Author)

      Hello, if you’re not playing the mobile version, “The Embezzler” should be found under the Recruitment category.

  13. Gerrit Erasmus says:

    Empirically, Irvine and Greg fire at precisely the same speed. Bug?

  14. Wilson Lin says:

    Can the polearms tornament come on more than once?

  15. TKL FANATIC says:

    How do you unlock the truth or dare dungeon?

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