Launch Of An Odyssey

On April 11, we finally moved The King’s League: Odyssey out of its beta stages to be available for all! It has also been made available on Newgrounds, do check out the game on whichever game portal you frequent.

We are really overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to the game, and appreciate all the feedbacks. Here’s a post of highlights on the game development, and some hints on what else is next to come.

Art Of The King’s League: Odyssey
The shiny and polished visuals of the game are courtesy of Ritchie Fernando, as mentioned in our previous post. Many Leaguers have commented on the lovely art, and some extra thoughts behind Ritchie’s work can be seen on his project feature on Behance.

King’s League Soundtrack
Even though we gave the option to play without sound, many Leaguers did play with sound and had happy ears still. Why?

The reason is none other than the wonderful soundtrack composed by Francesco D’Andrea!
Don’t hesitate to check out the full soundtrack if you can’t get enough of it.

Premium Content on Kongregate
As aforementioned, the team is very happy and humbled with the response for the game. We have also received feedback for more.

Well, they said to ask and you will receive, so a carefully (and very excitedly) thought out set of premium content have been made available on Kongregate!

If you enjoyed the game, do support us through this premium pack! We made sure to provide as much entertainment and content as we could in this short period of time – and hope that you will help the development team make better games in the future!

A Mobile League
Some said they would love to play the League on the go – would you?

These are the updates we have so far. If you would like to be updated with the latest news on The King’s League, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (or specifically The King’s League’s page), Twitter and Google+.



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    i like your game please make more of these games cause they will make you more popular and thanks for the nice games ok keep up the good work and best wishes and godbless

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