Reachin’Pichin has reached its final stages!

We – kurechii, are extremely proud to present to you -Reachin’Pichin! (In all its playable and bouncy glory!)

First things first;
To those who have motivated, commented, supported, waited and anticipated the finished game – thank you so much! We appreciate it very much!

To those who still don’t quite know what’s going on – do not fret!
Reachin’Pichin is available for playing over at: FunflowJay Is Games, Kongregate and also on Newgrounds!


Special thanks to our sponsor Funflow and also to Jay Is Games for giving Reachin’Pichin a spiffy review! Not forgetting David Carney – who you will find responsible if a certain tune gets stuck in your head during the play!

Well, enough of the talk!
Do head over to any of the sites check Reachin’Pichin out for yourselves!
Also, don’t forget to rate it ;D

Comments and constructive criticism are highly appreciated too!

Now go on, fly high!

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